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Enter Giveaway @ Hannah's Hangout

Hello readers,
I wanted to tell you about something interesting going on at Hannah's Hangout.

She is hosting a giveaway for a Barnes & Noble gift card! To enter the drawing, all you have to do is take part in her Monthly Book Reviews Challenge. I've participated in Hannah's challenge for the last 3 months and it's a lot of fun. I like writing book reviews and telling people about great books, so that why I enjoy her challenge so much. :~)

Monthly Book Reviews

I wanted to make sure to tell my readers about this giveaway, so that you could enter too! She's giving out a Barnes & Noble gift card... I would love buying a new book with that! To get your name in the drawing, all you have to do is write your own book review(s) and post them on your blog. Then link up your review(s) to her blog entry and leave her a comment.

{ the deadline to sign up is Friday, June 4 }

I'll now leave you with a couple links to look at, to find out more.
Hope you'll join in the fun!

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Book Review: The Orphans' Journey series

The Orphans' Journey
The Orphans' Journey series

written by Arleta Richardson

each book approximately 140 pages

my recommendation for ages 9-14+

"The Orphans' Journey" is one story told in 4 sequential books.
The setting of the books is in the late 1800's, where you meet the Cooper family of 9 siblings, who have no parents. There are too many children to take care of, so 4 of them are sent away to Briarlane Christian Children's Home. This story centers on those 4 kids: Ethan, Alice, Simon, and Will.

Ethan, being the oldest of the four being sent to the orphanage, feels he must be the one to keep his family together. Things get a little crazy & out of hand, as the train is coming to pick up orphans to take them across the country. To add to all the chaos, more challenges are created when bullies appear at the orphanage, and also when the siblings are threatened by being adopted into separate families.

In the Cooper's adventures, they encounter Indians, a dust storm, and meet up with a horrifying bandit. It takes a lot of courage for Ethan to keep track of his other 3 siblings, plus his new friends at the orphanage. He wants to stay with everyone he loves, but decisions have to be made. He finds that looking to God will help him sort his troubles.

In this series, where one book leaves off, the next book continues. It is like reading one big story, divided into 4 books (each of which are approximately 140 pages).
Also, you might recognize the Christian author, Arleta Richardson, writer of the "Grandma's Attic" series.

This was a wonderful series of books. I learned a lot about orphan trains, and other things going on in that time period, etc. I think a lot of kids would definitely enjoy reading these books.

Book One: Looking for Home
Book Two: Whistle-stop West
Book Three: Prairie Homestead
Book Four: Across the Border

Monthly Book Reviews Challenge

I'm participating in the Monthly Book Reviews Challenge. Please stop by Hannah's Hangout for more info, and to see all the other great book reviews for this month!


Welcome to In The Bookcase

Hello everyone,
Welcome to my new blog! Hope you'll enjoy your stay here.

Some of you may already know me from my other blog, and this new one is just a continuation of the same thing. This blog is mostly about books, reading, writing, and anything in the vicinity of those subjects. Of course, everything will not be limited to that... there will be quite a variety.

So in the meantime, while I am just getting my blog started here... I'd love to hear from you & read your comments. Feel free to follow me too.

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