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2024 Book Reading Challenges

Here's a peek into some of the great reading challenges on the internet that I intend to participate in for 2024!

The Goal:     

JANUARY [Team Doyle] - A dog on the cover.  (Off the Chain by Janice Thompson)

FEBRUARY [Team Doyle] - Under 250 pages.  (Lass and Found)

MARCH [Team Doyle] - More than two POV.  (Wonder)

APRIL [Montgomery] - Main character has red hair. (When Tomorrow Came)

MAY [Team Montgomery] - By a favorite author.  (Salt to the Sea)

JUNE [Team Montgomery] - Poetry. (Velvet Dragonflies)

JULY [Montgomery/Doyle] - A short story collection.  (A Very Bookish 4th of July)

AUGUST [Team Doyle] - A house on the cover.  (Your Guide to Not Getting Murdered in a Quaint English Village)

SEPTEMBER [Team Doyle] - Involves puzzles, codes, ciphers or a mystery.  (All Is Fair)

OCTOBER [Montgomery/Doyle] - A non-fiction book.  (Netgalley or Roma D.)

NOVEMBER [Team Montgomery] - A second chance book.  (The Backwash of War)

DECEMBER [Team Montgomery] - A book that has 5-10 books in the series.  (The Christmas Hope)

Note to self: Submit a book on the entry form every month & on Hey Reader. Must read list in order; doesn't have to be in the exact month. An easy, laid-back challenge. Middle grade books acceptable.

Giveaway: $100 gift card (end of the year).

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BOOK H... Challenge: Submit bonus challenge each month. (check)

January: 1st book in a series  (Off the Chain)

February: Second chance romance (Fragile Designs)

March: By a Female Indie Author (In His Image)

April: Back list by a fave author (When Tomorrow Came)

May: Historical fiction (Salt to the Sea)

June: Where's my shirt? (Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar)







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Merry... Book Lovers Challenge: Monthly check-ins. Quarterly prizes. Posted on each monthly thread the book you read by the end of the quarter.

No stress challenge. Read in any order you choose, but only check in on the correct thread.  For example, if you read the December category in January that’s fine. But don't check in until the post for that category is available.

January: A book written before 1900.  (The Canterville Ghost)

February: A book written by someone you admire.  (Robbie Taggart)

March: A mystery book.  (A Cold Highland Wind)

April: A book set where you live.  (Off the Chain)

May: An award-winning book.  (Salt to the Sea)

June: A book about a person or time period you want to learn about. (Velvet Dragonflies)

July: A book set in your favorite season.  (A Very Bookish 4th of July)

August: A book set in war time.

September: A book written the year you were born.  (A Bone to Pick)

October: A book with a color in the title.  (A Highland Ruby)

November: A book set in a library or bookstore.  (Once Upon a Tome)

December: A book recommended by a friend.

Chapter 1(January – March)  Electronic format only. Free or nearly free.

Chapter 2 (April – June)  Any format. Free or nearly free.

Chapter 3 (July – September)  Any format. Any price.

Chapter 4 (October – December)  Any format. Free or nearly free.

Note to self: Link up on review linky & Rafflecopter as I finish each book. Sign up again for each new chapter.

Giveaway: At the end of each Semester, a winner will be randomly selected on the Rafflecopter for a $5 Amazon gift card.


Run Rose Run

Feb 11th - 25th LOVE AND LIBRARIES *library part does not count for COYER winter
Fragile Designs, Robbie Taggart

March 17th - 31st OUTSIDE THE BOX 
In His Image

April 14th - 28th MYSTERY-A-THON 

The Goal: Library Addict - 48 books

Note to self: Link up on review linky as I finish each book.

Giveaway: Yearly. Bonus: Audiobook Challenge (May-June), the Library BINGO (July-Aug.), & an End Of Year Check-In (Dec. 15th)


The Goal: Read older books that have been piling up in my TBR pile/list [I'll try for 40 books!].

Note to self: Books must be published in 2022 or before & already be in my TBR pile/list.
Link up on review linky as I finish each book.
Wrap-up linky will be available.

Giveaway: $15 Amazon gift card (end of the year). Each book review submitted to the link-up will be entered into a drawing.

The Goal   

Amateur Sleuth - 5-15 books

Note to self: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller/Crime genres, 100+ pages.
Monthly linky. (Linked up in: [])

Giveaway:  Halfway point & end of the year.

The Goal   

Binge Listener (Why Binge Listener (Why read when someone can do it for you) 

20-30 books

Note to self: Any audio format.
Monthly linky. (Linked up in: [])

Giveaway:  June, audiobook month. 2 updates on July 6, December 28.

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Personal Challenge: Read as many Netgalley books as possible (coordinate with B.H. challenge).

2ndly: Read from Goodreads TBR.

3rdly: Read from Kindle library.

4thly: After finishing other book challenges, return to finish all B.H. categories

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