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Favorite Finds #22

Sweet, Sweet Finds... - Blessed Femina
Lovely vintage things from the thrift store.

The Content Pillar -- for daughters - Raising Homemakers
A new post from Breezy... wise words to think about.

Farmgirl Treasures and a Giveaway - Seven Sisters
A giveaway for some delightful stationery from the sisters' shop.

I am alive. - Walking in Thy Truth
Some inspiring, happy words.

Free Online Curriculum For Homeschoolers - Homeschool Highschool
Lots and lots of helpful website links!

Also, anytime you want, you can sign up on The Books Of Old Reading Challenge that's running on the Ladies Library. The plan is to read your selection of 5 books written before the 1950. More details here and Sign up here.

Before I close this post, I also wanted to include some links of other friends who do a similar thing as my Favorite Finds. They also share their choice of links to other websites, which I enjoy browsing myself.

Friday Link-Up - Young Homemakers

Good Finds Friday - BareFoot Days

Friday's Fave Five - Born Again & Blessed


A Tale from the Snowstorm

One of the my favorite things about the startling blizzard that recently passed though our area was...

...this pair of mourning doves.

They sat together, right outside of our living room front window.
(the perfect place for me to stay cozy inside and take pictures
of the outdoor action)

We first noticed the pair sitting outside the window before 9 o'clock that morning.

The doves continued to stay as the thick snow landed on their backs.
Occasionally they would shake cold, white fluffiness off their necks.

This one particular birdie did not seem to mind that is was quite literally
being buried in the snow.
I felt sorry for it, since it must have been so cold.

The snow kept piling up... and covering this poor dove.
The second bird moved about a bit more.

For at least 5 hours, these birdies endured the cold, wet snow
building up around them. I returned to the window at about 2 o'clock in the afternoon, to check on them again.

The two mourning doves had left...
leaving an empty spot in the fresh snow
and a sad place in my heart.


Favorite Finds #21

Free Online Sewing Class (starts February 16th at 3pm CST) - Yellow Tennessee

Six Angles "Life, from six unique perspectives." - (1 new photo, 6 days a week, from 6 different photographers)

Pet Poetry Contest (deadline is February 14 at 5pm EST) - for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students
Have any younger siblings that would like to enter?

Helping Your Child Find Wonder in Mathematics - Looking Out My Backdoor

Apothecary Label Hand Towels: Free Digital Downloads - Just Something I Made

Also doing some Favorite Finds this week is.... Elisabeth. You'll want to check out her links too!

Sharing Our Bookshelves {February 2011} - Also, anytime this month, you can still link up your blog posts here for "Sharing Our Bookshelves". Any of your book-related posts are welcome.


Favorite Finds #20

Below are links to my favorite finds of the last week.

Quiet winter days ~ from "A Bowl of Moss & Pebbles"
Breezy's thoughts upon the snow, including her delightful illustrations.

Treasures of Darkness ~ from "Rose's Daring Adventure"
Lovely poetic thoughts from Rachelle.

Creamy Strawberry Dessert ~ from "Marie-Madeline Studio"
Oh so scrumptious! I want to taste some.

i have a pet tiger. ~ from "IrishGirl"
Cute kitties do look like tigers, don't they?

Stretching The Imagination ~ from "Christ is Write"
Warm-up writing exercises and such.

in a red sorta mood ~ from "Ooooooh la la!"
Some splendidly red objects to gaze upon.

Why I Write ~ from "Rose's Daring Adventure"
Another post about writing which I was completely absorbed in.

Also, Elisabeth and Hannah Grace have each recently posted some of their Favorite Finds, so be sure to check out their links too!

Did you find any wonderful blog posts to read?


Sharing Our Bookshelves {February 2011}

Today starts a brand new month. Today also begins something new for you. I've been wanting to introduce this for a while now, and I am quite excited to finally launch it. Hope you all will enjoy the ride with me!

"Sharing Our Bookshelves" is a new way for us book readers and aspiring writers to get to know each other a little better, to find new friends, and to discover book-ish blogs that are already out there, waiting to be found.

Who enjoys being able to share with other people about books, by writing reviews?

How many books have you read in the last month? (or week?)

Do you like sharing about your current story, novel, or poem that you're writing?

Please do feel free to raise your hand, or say 'Aye!' to any of these questions.

For those reasons (and more) I want to introduce "Sharing Our Bookshelves". So that we can browse each other's bookshelves... and find out more about each other!

So how does this work? It is so simple, but I hope we'll learn a lot through it. Every month, there will be a new post on "In the Bookcase" with a fresh linky sign-up in it. I want to encourage anyone who has posted on their blogs about anything book-related to come join the linky list and connect your blog post. Myself and many of my blog readers would love to see what other people are posting about.

No matter what day you write up a book-related blog post, there should always be a linky here waiting for you to joing, since a new one begins every month and stretches to the last day of the month (and then a new one will start the next day). You're welcome to leave multiple links to your blog posts throughout the course of a month as well. What do you need to join?--Any blog post about what you think that other book readers and aspiring writers would be interested in (this could be a post you already planned out, or something along the lines of the questions mentioned above. If you have any questions, just drop me a line.

I'm sure that we all will enjoy coming over to the list of blogs and be able to "browse" through everyone else's "bookshelves"...

A link back to my blog (from your post) is always appreciated. Blog buttons are also available for the taking.

Click here to get the code for one of the buttons.

...{Final instructions are below}...
I am looking forward to seeing what you link up!