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Free Ebooks from Bethlehem Books

I've heard a great deal about Bethlehem Books from other bloggers, but I've never read any of their publications yet. It looks like they have a lot of good Christian literature, and I've often wanted to try out one of their books. Well, I recently came across a wonderful surprise: free Bethlehem Books!!

Every month, they offer a free ebook download from their website. I've already downloaded February's book: Alfred of Wessex. If you think you may be interested, you should go download it because this particular ebook will only be free until February 29th. Note: You will have to create an account with Bethlehem Books if you don't have one already. You should create an account first, before trying to download.

Alfred of Wessex Spring Tide Polly Kent Rides West Stairstep Farm

Of the available ebooks that Bethlehem Books has for purchase, some are called eVersions and some are eStacks. The difference is: eVersions are ebook versions of the same books they publish. eStacks are ones that the company does not publish as books, and are only released in digital format.

So! I'm excited to collect a few of these free monthly ebooks for myself. I'm looking forward to March's and April's new freebies. If you want to find out what the freebie is for each month, just visit Bethlehem Books on their Twitter and Facebook pages (even if you don't have an account on these sites, you can still read the news).


A book that is shut....

A book that is shut, is but a block. Thomas Fuller

Now, wasn't that a fun little game? Thank you to all the people who commented yesterday and completed the puzzle.

This is one of my new favorite quotes and I'm glad to have shared it with you all!


Letters, anyone?

I have a little game for you today. Anyone can participate. Just guess a letter or two of what you think might fit into the following phrase. It's actually a new quote I happened across and really like.

So, just leave a comment with a letter and I'll fill in the blanks. I'll continue to update this post as I receive your guesses!

a     book    that    is    shut,    is    but    a    block.
16 letters guessed: A, B, C, D, E, F, H, I, K, L, N, O, S, T, R, U


Sharing Our Bookshelves {February 2012}

Here is the new book link-up for the month of February!

If you're interested in participating, just post anything about books on your blog, grab a button to include, & link up below. That's why this is called Sharing Our Bookshelves, so that we can share what we're currently reading, book reviews, etc, with other like-minded readers.

Sharing Our Bookshelves @ In the Bookcase

What books did you read in the month of January? I read a few good ones that kept me busy:

The Hiding Place The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey Elsie at Home

My favorite from last month is definitely The Hiding Place. {review coming soon!}

Just a quick note, to all you people on Goodreads... if we're not already connected, I'd like to add you into my circle of book-reading friends!