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The month of writing, November.

Dear scribbling-inclined friends,

Have you thought about utilizing November as a month of being able to write that story?---the one you've been wanting to get down on paper? I have.

Is the thought of joining our NaNoWriMo-ing friends a bit daunting? I mean, 50,000 words, really? For me, yes.

>>> Join me in MyWriMo this November!

MyWriMo stands for My Writing Month. It's the month that you take your story to new places, but you don't have to follow the rigid schedule of the NaNo-ers.

I wasn't sure if it was too late already to introduce the idea, but I was finally persuaded to make it happen. So, you may be hearing more about this from me throughout the month as I strive to work on my writing this month. I'd love to hear what you're doing!


Sharing Our Bookshelves {October 2012}

Welcome! It's time for the October book link-up. As always, can't wait to see all your bookish posts this month! Any insight on your favorite books, reviews, quotes, characters... submit your posts below. Take an extra moment to look at the list---you may find your new favorite blog!

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