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The final chapter of Louisa May Alcott reading challenge 2018

Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge

Readers and fellow challenge-participants,

The time has come to close down the 2018 Louisa May Alcott reading challenge. We're done!

It's ALSO time to announce the 3 winners of the Pixel Berry Pie Designs art prints! As a reminder, here's what we had up for grabs...

Louisa May Alcott 8x10 artwork
Louisa May Alcott 8x10 artwork
Louisa May Alcott 8x10 artwork
Louisa May Alcott 8x10 artwork
Louisa May Alcott 8x10 artwork

And now... the names of those 3 lucky winners are:

Nicole M.

Trix W.


YAY!!!! I will be contacting the winners as soon as I can. But if you won, and you haven't heard from me yet, just shoot me an email to claim your prize (see my email address over in the sidebar, below my pic).

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Did you read everything on your Alcott challenge list?

I enjoyed a lovely European tour through Louisa's eyes via her book Shawl Straps <--check out my review... then I was thrilled to read one of Louisa's "blood and thunder" stories, which was so different to try one of her shadier tales, A Long Fatal Love Chase <--check out my review... I also finished a fictional story written about the Alcotts and their life at Fruitlands, a transcendental "utopia", Becoming Little Women <--check out my review... and right now I've got just a bit left of The Brownie and the Princess and Other Stories that I'm currently reading (also will review it shortly on the blog). For me, that was a blissful month of reading! Reading 'Shawl-Straps' this June for the LMA reading challenge! Reading 'A Long Fatal Love Chase' this June for the LMA reading challenge! Reading 'Becoming Little Women: Louisa May at Fruitlands Farm: Louisa May at Fruitlands' this June for the LMA reading challenge! Reading 'The Brownie and the Princess and Other Stories' this June for the LMA reading challenge!

What did you read this month?

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who participated in the reading challenge. I appreciate you all for making this a fun and spectacular reading month. By the way, if you haven't finished your posts or reviews about the LMA books you got to read this month, that's okay — the link-up widget will still be open a few more days for any last words on the subject that you might have to share.

And in closing, I'll give you all some words of wisdom, from our literary friend...

"Wild roses are fairest, and nature a better gardener than art."
- Louisa May Alcott, A Long Fatal Love Chase

See you next June! Or, perhaps in November & December... I'll be hosting the 3rd annual Literary Christmas reading challenge!

Signing off from the 2018 LMA challenge,

P.S. Don't forget! You can still vote for Little Women to win the title of the Great American Read -- daily (or whenever you can remember) through the fall time. :)

If you'd like to learn more about the Louisa May Alcott reading challenge, visit this link to start at the beginning.


  1. Amy P.7/04/2018

    This was a fun challenge, Tarissa (again). Thanks for hosting!

  2. I managed to read some new to me books that I picked up in Concord. I have some old books I rediscovered when I moved to read next year. I also intend to finish Proverb Stories. I have one story left to go. I didn't make it before the end of June.

    1. QNPoohBear, way to go on all your Alcott reading this summer! So glad you joined the challenge!! I didn't quite finish all my L.M.A. reading in June either, but that just makes July all the sweeter, of course. :)

  3. I missed the June slot but have fulfiled my plan to read My Contraband. Have also read Hospital Sketches. Interesting read.

    1. Rachel,
      Thanks for stopping by to give us an update on your LMA reads! I'm extremely pleased to hear that you were able to finish your Alcott picks this summer. I had found 'Hospital Sketches' to be very insightful to the time period, but also so raw and emotional for Louisa to write, I'm sure.