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Book Review: Doc Susie

Doc Susie by Virginia Cornell (4 star review)

Doc Susie

by Virginia Cornell

256 pages // published in 1991 // biographical story


The bestselling true story of a woman doctor at the turn of the century and her triumph over prejudice, poverty, and even her own illness. When she arrived in Colorado in 1907, Dr. Susan Anderson had a broken heart and a bad case of tuberculosis. But she stayed to heal the sick, tend to the dying, fight the exploitative railway management, and live a colorful, rewarding life.

My Review

4 Star Rating

Ever since I watched "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman", I have wanted so badly to read a good story about a lady doctor in past history. If she lived in Colorado, all the better. So Doc Susie's story is close enough to what I wanted. It's real and raw though. This woman lived a hard lifestyle, but she led a good life.

This book is partly a biography, and partly a story. The author explains that she has pieced together how conversations might have happened, and created a setting that resembles the feel of a novel -- all while restricting herself to the boundaries of accurate information (or fairly close) as presented in a biography. It's not strictly textbook reading -- instead it has an extra flair of rugged adventure and makes the reader feel real emotion for these mountain people whose lives crossed paths with Doc Susie's.

Language level: Mild language. (1 instance in particular, I would rate as a level 4 out of 5 for foul language -- just for the one word.)

Content level: 4 out of 5. Contains some sensitive topics such as childbirth and purity, but isn't very detailed. However, there is 1 lewd act in particular, taking place close to the end.

Minimum age to read: 16 and up.

Intrepid and complex, Susan Anderson is a woman I can glean many lessons from. She was a hard worker, knew how to wield wit (not a virtue per se, but certainly enjoyable to me as a reader), and didn't take "no" for an answer... She persevered and somehow prospered, even if never monetarily wealthy. Now that's a wonderful type of lady.

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