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Here's one of my FAVORITE FINDS on the internet this week... an amazing article I'd like to share with you all! >>>

Rewired: What Your Smartphone Can’t Give You (But Books Can)

article by Emily @ The Tansy Patch blog

"Scroll. Tap. Ding! The era of the smartphone has completely changed our society. Virtually any information is available at our fingertips. Constant entertainment is accessible at the tap of an app. Numerous social media options pretend to quench the thirst for human companionship.

Quiet is a thing of the past. We’ve forgotten how to still our minds. We’ve rewired our brains to crave constant noise, entertainment, and shallow stimulation. You’ve heard this message before.

I get it, you say, be careful with social media, limit internet usage, stop texting all the time and pay attention to your family and those around you. All of this is wise advice. But it goes deeper than that. We’re missing out on so much more...."

— Continue reading at THE TANSY PATCH

Let's discuss it!

How often do you choose stillness over entertainment?

What can you do differently in 2020 to rewire your brain towards books you can "chew" on vs. checking on your smartphone and social media?

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