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Book Review: Little Brother

Little Brother

Little Brother

written by Alan Baillie

144 pages




I found this book "Little Brother" to hold an adventure and a remarkable story. Vithy is a young boy trying to escape the war going on in his home county, Cambodia. Not only is he running away, he's also searching for his brother, Mang. They were separated in their race to get away from the camp which they were being held captives at.

Vithy is sure that he will meet his brother at the Thailand border--the borderline that means freedom. Vithy finds himself on a journey that leads to memories of life before the Khmer Rouge soldiers who started the war. Through every chapter, I was hoping that Vithy and Mang would be reunited even though it seemed like an impossible feat. As the story unfolded, I watched Vithy strengthen his courage, overrule new fears, and battle out his impatience. I think this was an amazing story.

Kids ages 10 & up will enjoy this book (Older teens too, or basically anyone). It would also be a great book for a read-aloud to younger children.


  1. First off, I'd just like to say that I LOVE your reviews! You do such a good job writing them, every time you review a book it makes me want to go read it...even if it's a book I've already read! :-D
    Since I've never read this book, i shall have to hunt it down. :-) Thanks for the review!


  2. Anonymous7/15/2010

    This looks like a good book I can read aloud to my little brother. He can't read yet, but he loves being red to!

    Thanks for the review!