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Favorite Finds #3

The following are my favorite finds for this week, that I have enjoyed reading from other people's blogs. Hope you will like reading these articles too!

Three Top Tips for Blogging

Meet Gracie the Monarch Butterfly

Download free audio for Anne of Green Gables

Éclair Cake Recipe (yum!)

Getting to Know Your Sewing Machine

There's a Sewing 101 blog series that is going on right now (until the 16th), and I look forward to seeing the new things posted each day. Here is what's been going on so far...

Day 1: Tools of the Trade

Day 2: Supply Must Haves

Day 3: Selecting Fabrics

Day 4: Using a Rotary Cutter

Day 5: Fixing Mistakes


  1. Thanks so much for linking my post, Tarissa! So sweet of you:) I always enjoy viewing your favorite finds!


  2. Thanks for sharing this. I am always looking to sew better. It's probably my aversion to ironing seams... Nice post.