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Book Review: Candy Bombers

Candy Bombers

Candy Bombers

written by Robert Elmer

160 pages



Erich and his family live in Berlin, Germany. The Cold War is raging on, in addition to the many problems left over from World War II. It is not a happy time.

As a teenager, Erich is in the midst of this horrible confusion with his mother, grandmother, aunt, & his cousin, Katarina. He takes it upon himself to find food for his starving family, which drives him into the undertaking of getting back at Germany's enemies--the Soviet soldiers. Erich blames the Russians for everything, including taking his father's life. Erich has a mission, but it lands both himself & Katarina, in an unpleasant situation dealing with the Americans. They don't know what will happen to them now, or if they'll make it back home safely.

With talk of war, spies, bombs, and no food in Berlin... What can a boy do to make a better difference in his life, and the lives around him?

* (This is actually book #1 in a series called "The Wall")
This book is probably best recommended for the ages of 10-14.

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  1. Oooh, that sounds like an exiting read! ~*~

  2. Wonderful review, Tarissa! That book sounds really interesting.


  3. This book sounds so interesting, Tarissa. I loved your review, it was lovely!

    Thanks for joining, dear!

    Hannah M

  4. Anonymous8/30/2010

    Ooh, this looks really interesting!

  5. Thanks Tarissa for reading my blog :-). I appreciate the comments you leave.
    Also, thanks for the suggestion. I think the review I wrote will be the one I link to.