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Favorite Finds #9

Here's my Favorite Finds for this week....
just a few things I've found in the blog-world that I enjoyed reading....

OhSewStylish Handbag Giveaway - @ Hannah's Hangout
(Giveaway ends Oct. 25)

Imagine this... - Jane @ Novel Pretender
(NaNoWriMo storyline....which includes Sherlock Holmes, Professor Moriarty, & maybe some other characters)

Go somewhere. - Anna @ Send Me a Song
(A wishful post about those delightful European countries)

It 'Tis Fall - Esther @ Barefoot Days
(Interesting, Fall-ish pics)

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  1. SheHeartsBooks10/15/2010

    Yes, I plan for it to be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and others days if some one wants to post again or there is more then three reviewers who want to post in a week. I would like to do Monday, would you like to do Wednesday?