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Favorite Finds #13

Some new "Favorite Finds" for this week. I hope maybe you'll find something that interests you in one of these blogs.

enter the world of. . . {a peek at our NaNo novel} - by Anna
She and her sister, Michaela, have been writing their NaNoWriMo novel together. Anna wrote this description of their story... sounds fantastic!

Ode to the prolog of the Un-Named book...NaNoWriMo '10 - by Michaela
Here is a little glimpse of what Michaela & Anna have been writing. Can't wait until I can read more!

R. M. Ballantyne Book Giveaway - Now to December 27th, each week another Ballantyne book will be given away!

White Blossoms: The Promise - by Katie
Writer's inspiration after midnight... filled with lovely, poetic descriptions.

Grace for the here and now - Just a thoughtful quote I liked.

How to Manage A Business, School, and Family - by Hannah
Sounds a little bit like my own life!

Something brand new - More inspirational words to think about.

Called by Name Photography - A new blog I found. Lovely photos. Check out this one entitled "Classics".


  1. Thanks so much for the compliment about my artwork! I work very hard at it! I am hoping that one day I can sell more but right now I am just selling in stores that are in my local area. Thanks so much for following my blog it means a great deal to me! Sharon

  2. Thanks so much for the comment, Tarissa! Totally made me smile. :) It also made me realize that I've gotten out of the habit of actually commenting on all my friends' blogs, so I figured I would start here. (Then, I promptly got distracted looking around. I officially love your blog.) :)


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