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MyWriMo .:. Day 8

MyWriMo @ In the Bookcase

Days 1 through 7 of November have come and gone. Week #1 of writing has already disappeared.

If you remember from my original post about MyWriMo, I have a few stories I've begun writing over the past year, but haven't finished them. November seemed to be the perfect month to try and accomplish some writing, as a lot of blog friends are doing NaNoWriMo. Reading their blog posts about what they're writing this month is very inspirational and makes me feel motivated to finish my own projects.

So, what have I done so far in this first week? I have finished Story #1. It's fully written, and it is practically edited. The word count for this short story is 3,340 words. Not much in comparison to what some people are striving to write this month, but... it's totally worth it for me to have finished a story.

As week #2 begins, I'm looking forward to digging in to my next story that needs finishing!

What has everyone else accomplished so far? I'd love to hear an update from you!

If anyone else is interested in joining in this writing fun, just drop me a note! Grab a button here. It's not to late to figure out your goals and start writing.

For me,
writing is exploration;
and most of the time,
I'm surprised
where the journey takes me.
-by Jack Dann


  1. NaNo has been a blast! :) This is my first year of really dedicating myself to the program, and having a partner in it has made it fairly easy. I'm trying to work out a schedule in my day though, since if I'm not in a "flowing" writing "mood" it can take several hours to write. ;) haha

    Anyway. Anna and I have yet to tally up all our words together, but so far I have 8814 words written on my own. Maybe that isn't as many as some participants, but for me...I feel REALLY accomplished! ;) Not that I don't love writing - I do. Its just that NaNo has allowed me to stick to finishing a story...I'm really, really appreciating the program for that. :)

  2. Anonymous11/08/2010

    Whoo! ^.^ I've been plugging away at my story, trying not to go back and edit right away... and working on many other writing projects to boot.

    Hurrah for the feeling of accomplishment! :P

  3. Actually there is a new show called Sherlock. It's a modern adaption done by the BBC. You can watch it here:
    The first episode is called "A Study in Pink"

    As for content... a little violence (people die- it is a show about murders after all), some language (I don't remember how much, so it probably wasn't too bad) and brief verbal innuendo, not too much of that thankfully.(At least that I can remember.)

    I do love the old show too! I'm going to have to watch some of those again.