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"March of Books" is something the Young Ladies Christian Fellowship's blog is doing for their 2nd time around. I was able to participate in the fun last March too, so I was excited when I found out they are doing it again. Check out their blog to see lots of book-related posts on their blog this month. One of the things that you can do right now is to take part in Snapshots of Favorite Books. You can take a look at everyone's photos on the YLCF site. I'm joining up and my post is below...

March of Books 2011 at

Sharing about books is my passion. I do it all the time on my blog. However, it was hard for me to decide which book to share about today. Picking one is impossible! Finally, it came to me---I'll share about those special books I have that I will keep forever. They are stories that I know I will read again and again throughout my life. I'm quite sure you know the kind that I'm talking about.

{Currently, this is my treasured stack of books.}

You can't go wrong with having "Little Women" as a part of your special books. Especially if it is a complete & unabridged, hardback copy with charming pictures of the lovely March girls.

"Les Miserables" is in there too--yes, that includes all 1463 pages of my copy.

...and it includes of the fine print that comes with such a book as "Les Miserables". Just seeing the photo of the inside pages makes me want to start reading the awesome book.

"Greyfriars Bobby" ~ possibly my VERY favorite book ever.

"Anne of Green Gables" ~ I enjoyed all 8 of my Anne books. They are truly one of a kind.

"Elsie Dinsmore" ~ I'm happy to say I do own all 28 of the original classics, although I'm not quite finished reading them all. As soon as I do finish the series, I know I will start it all over again.

So there they are. I think I'll stick with these books for a while, and maybe add some more books to my "keep forever" list.

What are the books that you will always treasure?


  1. Hi Tarissa!
    Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, and the Elsie series are some books that I really treasure too. I'm on book 6 in the Anne series, and I'm loving every bit of the series! Another book I treasure is The Secret Garden. Have you read that?

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!


  2. Ah, what a beautiful copy of little women! You already know that I love that book, but yours is absolutely beautiful! I need to get me a pretty copy like that one of these days! :)

    Thanks for sharing your pictures with us on YLCF this week!

  3. I like your copy of Little Women, too! I also love Anne of Green Gables, the first book in the series most of all. :) Elsie Dinsmore is good, too (I've read about 9 of them). I've never read Greyfriars Bobby or Les Miserables (though we started it for school one time).

  4. I think I have read almost all of these books at some point! "Little Women" is one of my favorite classics, too.

  5. I love Anne Of Green Gables, Little Women, and the Elsie Dinsmore series!
    Great post! Your blog is so interesting!

    ♥ Book blogger

  6. Oooh, you have the exact same version of Anne of Green Gables that I do! My Mom saved it for me until I was old enough to read a book that big. ;) It's definitely one of my treasures.

    That's a great stack of books to treasure.

  7. Hahaha as hard as it is to say... I think you might love reading even more then me! :DDD
    Your blog is adorable, I'm really lovin' it.


  8. That is by far THE prettiest edition of Little Women I have ever seen! So lovely.
    I've never heard of Greyfriars Bobby - I'm going to go look it up on Amazon now :)