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Correct Meanings to those 5 words

Thanks to everyone who left their guesses on last week's Puzzle of Interesting Words. I have the answers below, so you can find out the right word definitions. Congratulations to both Emily and Redwriter for getting all the answers correct!

Oppugn \uh-PYOON\    To fight against; to call in question. (verb)

Snollygoster \SNOL-ee-gos-ter\    A clever, unscrupulous, shrewd person, especially a politician. (noun)

Eleemosynary \el-uh-MOS-uh-ner-ee\    Of or relating to alms, charity. (adj)

Higgler \HIG-lur\    An itinerant dealer or peddler. (noun)

Nudiustertian \nu-di-uhs-TUR-shuhn\    Of or relating to the day before yesterday. (adj)

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