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Sharing Our Bookshelves {June 2011}

This is a new edition of the monthly round of "Sharing Our Bookshelves." You are all welcome to link up your book reviews here--or anything else you've posted on your blog recently pertaining to BOOKS! This is a link-up for us blog readers to find out what is on each other's shelves currently--whether in the reading or the writing aspect.

So... what is in your bookshelf?

I'm looking forward to seeing what you all link up in your posts on the list below.


  1. Hello there, friend!

    I just wanted to double-check and make sure that I told you that I moved my blog to . I think I did already. Anyway, if you add that url to your reader, there shouldn't be any more problems. :)

  2. Hi Tarissa.
    I've stopped using my 'Blogging Beth' homeschoolblogger blog and have gone onto blogger. Here's the link:
    I linked your blog under the 'Lovely Blogs' page.

  3. @1st comment: My mom's surprise was my book :)

    @2nd comment: Thank you! I try. And I love that book to death ^.^

    sorry it's taken me SO LONG to get back to you...

    Grace and peace,
    - Hannah

  4. Hi Tarissa!
    Thank you so much for the comments you left on my blog. I always love getting comments from you! I really appreciate them :)

    About 'The Book Thief"...well, I got it from the library and had been reading it. It's written in such a unique and interesting way, the story is great, and it would be a good book. But yesterday, I think I was about 1/3 through it, I decided to stop reading it. Like I said, the story it wonderful, but there was so much bad language in it I just couldn't enjoy it. All the characters in the book said a lot of rude things, and I decided it just wasn't the kind of book I wanted to read.

    So because of that I don't think I can recommend it, even though if it weren't for that it would be such a wonderful book!


  5. Ooh what a great link up! I'm Katherine from Observations on Becoming-thank you for your sweet comment on my blog break post! I do have a book blog, (if that doesn't work the link is on my main blog). I hope to link up sometime!


  6. So thankful for this link-up, Tarissa, and blessed to participate!