In the Bookcase


Sharing Our Bookshelves {October 2011}

Come on over to the bookcase with me.
There are many bookshelves waiting for us to browse through. Here's a hefty volume from Dickens, or would you prefer Little Women instead? Oh, and never mind my little, white dog curled up there--even with those teeth, she's quite harmless I assure you. I see you have a book in hand now, so please do take a seat and enjoy one of these scrumptious cookies. Now tell me, what books lately have you swept through the pages of? I'm awfully curious to know, even if you have but a moment.

My bookish friends, if you've written anything on your blog concerning the topic of books, you are all welcome to link up to your post(s) and share with the rest of us here in the bookcase. And if you must go now, then do come back and join me throughout the month, if you have anything new to add to the linky.


  1. I love the creative way you announce a new month, Tarissa! :)

  2. I agree with Rachelle, such a fun and creative way to announce the the new linky! :D

    I'll try to remember to come back this time and add my end-of-the month books reviews. ;) HeHe! I had lot's of books I read last month and I already read my goal amount of books for this month but I still have MORE that I want to read! ;D Lol!

    Right now I'm reading *another* Bethlehem publishers book "If All the Swords in England: a story about Thomas Becket". ;) Just started it but this looks to be a really exciting read already! :D I've got a whole huge stack right now of books I want to read. :)

    Now, however, I shall go read some of these reviews I think...excuse me, please. :) *giggles*

    Love in Christ,

    P.S. - I don't remember adding my link on here before so I guess you did that? If you did..thanks dear (or whomever was kind enough to do that for me)! :)