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Dictionary Dash Answers

Thanks for all your comments on last week's Dictionary Dash post. If you wanted to see the answers (and if you haven't already looked them up in the dictionary!), then here they are.

Burgeon \BUR-jen\
To send forth new growth; to grow and expand rapidly. (verb)

Ascertain \a-ser-TANE\
To find out or learn with certainty. (verb)

Tyro \TIE-row\
A beginner in learning; novice. (noun)

Nepotism \NEH-peh-ti-zem\
Favoritism (as in appointment to a job) based on kinship. (noun)

Dearth \derth\
An inadequate supply; lack; famine. (noun)

Have you found any new, interesting words lately?


Favorite Finds #26

Here's some "Favorite Finds" links that I have found particularly interesting to read this past week.

These first four all come from the Inspiring Daring blog. It's a wonderful series of posts if you have time to read them all.

Mrs. Noah Series, Part One

Mrs. Noah Series, Part Two

Mrs. Noah Series, Part Three

Mrs. Noah Series, Part Four

And here's a few more from other blogs which you should check out too.

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Words in Time

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Dictionary Dash

Here's a quick little puzzle for my readers. Take a guess at what these words mean by trying to match them up to their definitions below. All guesses are welcome! The answers will be revealed next week.










A beginner in learning; novice. (noun)

Favoritism (as in appointment to a job) based on kinship. (noun)

To send forth new growth; to grow and expand rapidly. (verb)

An inadequate supply; lack; famine. (noun)

To find out or learn with certainty. (verb)


Book Blogger Appreciation Week

Hi, readers!

I just found out some great info on something called Book Blogger Appreciation Week. There are nominations currently going on to vote for many categories which all pertain to books... the voting ends on August 13, so there's not much time left. There are several categories to vote for your favorite, whoever that may be. Best Book Blog Meme, Favroite Character from a book, Best Poetry Blog, Best Classics Book Blog, Best Published Author Blog... oh, the list goes on! There's many more categories to nominate your favorite blogs for. I went through the categories myself and submitted links to many of the book blogs I enjoy reading.

To nominate your favorite blogs, go here:

The first bullet point on the page contains a link to the nomination form. Fill in your profile with name & email. Click the link which says "Back", then click on the nomination link. You're ready to start typing in the blogs that you'd like to vote for!

Thanks to Kate who first told me about Book Blogger Appreciation Week and who nominated my monthly event Sharing Our Bookshelves as Best Book Blogging Event.

Remember, if you want to get your entries in, you should enter ASAP since the last day to enter is August 13th.


Sharing Our Bookshelves {August 2011}

What good books have you been reading lately?

If you've posted anything about books recently on your blog, I hope you'll feel welcome to come link up your posts here, and "share your bookshelves" so that visitors can drop in. Please link up anything from book reviews to reading lists, and even things you're writing. I enjoy browsing through all your posts myself and I know a lot of other people do too.

To share my favorite moment of reading from this past month:

It was one of those old shops of which there are, still many examples surviving in London, in which the room was so small and the books so many that to move a step was to imperil your safety. Books ran in thick, tight rows from floor to ceiling everywhere, were piled in stacks upon the ground and hung in perilous heaps over chairs and window ledges.

taken from "Mr. Oddy"
a short story by Hugh Walpole

What has been your favorite moment of reading lately?