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November Writing Plans

The obvious fact is that November is on its way, which requires plans of action to be made for the tasks of writing throughout this next month.

For me, I don't think that NaNoWriMo would be able to find time to run its course for me this year. What I'm thinking about is still having November to be a month full of writing... it just won't have a 50k novel at the end. So...

Anyone remember last year? To re-introduce the idea: I invited anyone who wanted to join me, to each create our own personal goals of what writing we would like to get done through the month---so that we're not totally left in the dust of our NaNo-ing friends! Well, I'd like to do MyWriMo again for this year. I have some stories I've been thinking about for a while, and I sure would love to get them on paper! I was wondering if anyone else would like to do this with me? The more, the merrier! We could each have our own "MyWriMo". We'll all have different goals. Mine is to finish some stories, so that I'll have some completed projects from this year.

{If you have some ideas for stories (or something bigger like a novel)--maybe you already have something in the works that you'd like to finish up, this could be your motivation. You don't have to commit yourself to the entire month of November either--just take whatever time you'd like in November to do anything you need with your writing.}

If you are going to be posting (or have already posted) about your November writing plans, you might want to come link your posts in my monthly event Sharing Our Bookshelves, and you might find other people doing the same. New links can be added all month long.

To wrap up, if there is anyone up for MyWriMo 2011, I'd love to hear what you plan on doing yourself!


Book Review: Basil of Baker Street

Basil of Baker Street

Basil of Baker Street

written by Eve Titus
illustrated by Paul Galdone

96 pages
originally published in 1958

"The Mystery of the Missing Twins could never have been solved by an ordinary detective."

(...that is the first sentence of the cutest mouse book ever... )

Basil is a mouse with a nose for solving problems, just like his hero, Sherlock Holmes. In this story, Basil and his comrade, "Dr. Dawson", are presented with The Mystery of the Missing Twins---a quaint storyline that all little children will love---and adults will too. The author, Eve Titus, so clearly depicts the true Holmes through Basil's demeanor, thinking patterns, and mindset. A story just can't get any better than a mouse who learned his skill of deducting by listening at the very feet of Sherlock Holmes!

Along with Basil and Dr. Dawson, there is also their "mousekeeper" who's name is "Mrs. Judson". They live in a mouse village called---well, the village name is so cute and Holmes related, but I'll let you find out the name for yourself.

This is a book I wish I would have known about years ago, so that it could have been a childhood favorite growing up. At least I have found it now. The lovely story and the delightful illustrations of this vintage book create something to cherish. If you feel silly getting the book from your library, then just grab a younger sibling and read it to them. Besides you never know what little ones you may be able to start on the trail of Mr. Holmes himself.

Basil of Baker Street is the most adorable detective story... I mean, what other detective could console a distressed mother whose children are lost, by saying: "I can offer you only crumbs of comfort." Yes, just what a mouse should say!

The book was first published in 1958 and has gone through many editions since then. If you like old vintage books, with charming illustrations, I'm pretty sure you'd like this one.

The Author: Eve Titus was an American children's author, born in 1922. She wrote at least twenty books in her lifetime---five of which are about Basil, the mouse.


Sharing Our Bookshelves {October 2011}

Come on over to the bookcase with me.
There are many bookshelves waiting for us to browse through. Here's a hefty volume from Dickens, or would you prefer Little Women instead? Oh, and never mind my little, white dog curled up there--even with those teeth, she's quite harmless I assure you. I see you have a book in hand now, so please do take a seat and enjoy one of these scrumptious cookies. Now tell me, what books lately have you swept through the pages of? I'm awfully curious to know, even if you have but a moment.

My bookish friends, if you've written anything on your blog concerning the topic of books, you are all welcome to link up to your post(s) and share with the rest of us here in the bookcase. And if you must go now, then do come back and join me throughout the month, if you have anything new to add to the linky.