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Favorite Finds #32

Welcome to the newest edition of Favorite Finds. As I was putting this post together, I realized the things I enjoyed the most this past week on the internet all have to do with books & writing---which is not an unusual thing for this blog. So, if you are interested in either of those topics---reading books or writing stories, that is---then this is for you. Have a great Friday!

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What I'm reading this summer.

So, what are you reading this summer?

For this past week, I've been busily reading away at my copy of 'Little Women'. What a shining pearl in classic literature! Over the years, I've forgotten the beauty of the story that thrilled me when reading it in my childhood.

My personal goal for the Louisa May Alcott challenge:

I wanted to dig deeper and read more of Miss Alcott's treasured and most-beloved novels; the trilogy of books that begins with the quaint story of 4 little women. My objective for the summer is to read Little Women, Little Men, and Jo's Boys.

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott Little Men by Louisa May Alcott Jo's Boys by Louisa May Alcott

Important note about 'Little Women':

Just this year, I learned that there are 2 parts to the first book, Little Women. The first part (which is indeed called 'Little Women') lasts for 23 chapters. Sometimes included in the same publication is the 2nd part of the story, which could either be labeled as Part II or Good Wives. This 2nd part has 24 more chapters, so in total there are 47 chapters to the entire Little Women book. The tricky factor is knowing whether your copy of Little Women contains both of these parts or just one. (Some volumes that are named 'Little Women' actually include the sequel "Good Wives" in it, and some volumes do not.) To keep track of what you're reading in this series, be sure you know if both books are included in the same copy, or if you will have to read the sequel separately {or from an ebook, like me}.

I'm looking forward to seeing your own posts telling what you plan to read this summer for the Louisa May Alcott challenge! Even if you decide to read just one of her books, or a few, like what I have planned for myself, you can join the challenge anytime.

As a closing thought for today, I'd like to know:
Have any of you read the Little Women trilogy? Did you like the books?


The Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge

Welcome to the Louisa May Alcott reading challenge, hosted here on In the Bookcase.

How would you like to occupy the coming days of summer with the wonderful writings of Louisa May Alcott? It will be a joy for me to read some of her books this year, and I'd love to have some fellow book-readers to accompany me. Louisa May Alcott has been a favorite author of mine ever since I read 'Little Women' (which was 6 years ago). Since then, I have enjoyed 'Eight Cousins' and a few of her other short stories. In contrast to her full list of published works, I feel as if I've only read a drop in the bucket of her writings---and yet I call her one of my favorite authors! I'm starting this challenge with hopes of reading more of L.M.A.'s writings, getting to know her personally, and coming away with a whole new appreciation of her writings. Would you care to accompany me? Here are the details:

How to take part in this reading challenge:

  • Compile your list of Louisa May Alcott books that you would like to read, finish reading, or maybe re-read this Summer. Even books about L.M.A. are welcome---biographies, fictionalized accounts of her life, etc. Your goal could be 1 book, 5 books, or simply a few short stories. To supply more options, you may decide to download audio versions or ebooks. Whatever you choose to read, there is no pressure for you to complete everything, and you can always adjust your goals accordingly later into the challenge.

  • Write a blog post explaing all about the books you want to read for this challenge. Grab the code for the button and include it in your post---pretty please? Then link up your post below.

  • Next step: Start reading the books on your list! The challenge starts now and goes through August 10th. (You may begin reading at any point within this timeline. You don't even have to start in May at all---the choice of when to do this is completely up to you.)

  • Browse through the other participants' blog posts, to see what everyone else is reading, and be sure to leave comments when you can. The only thing better than enjoying a good book, is enjoying it with like-minded friends!

  • Anytime you blog about your current status in the challenge, come back and link up each new post below. When you think of any new thoughts about your goal, or quotes from the L.M.A. books that you're reading, or if you've written a book review, then be sure to link up each of these. The linky is the main headquarters of this reading challenge, so that the other participants can follow everyone's progress just by taking a look at the list of all the posts.

  • Finally, when you have reached your goal, or by the time the challenge is ending: Write a blog post about what you accomplished over the course of the challenge. Include any closing thoughts, or what you think of Louisa May Alcott now that you've read more of her works, etc. I'll be very pleased to hear about what you think at the end of this challenge!

  • 2012 Summer reading challenge hosted at
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    You can join the challenge at anytime this summer!
    The timespan to join goes through August 10th, 2012.

    Submit your Louisa May Alcott blog posts on the list below. This linky will be included in all the new updated posts on In the Bookcase that are related to the challenge, so just add each of your posts in once, and it will automatically appear in all the related posts on In the Bookcase. Any and ALL of your posts about Louisa May Alcott are welcome! Even if you just post a quote, or a book review, or any other thoughts... link up & take a look at some of the other participants' posts! {Want to display all the links for this challenge on your blog? Just click here to find the html code you need.}


    Sharing Our Bookshelves {May 2012}

    "People are much more willing to lend you books than bookcases."

    Ah! Very true words from Mark Twain, and I hope my bookworm friends are willing to lend at least one book or perhaps a shelf of books.

    The link-up below is for any blog posts that have book reviews, good quotes, book lists, or anything related to reading, writing, authors, or books in general. You can come back throughout the entire month of May to add more posts to the lists.

    I have 2 more noteworthy things to mention!

    Firstly, if you're visiting my blog today, you may notice the brand new design. Take a look around; let me know what you think.

    Summer reading challenge: Louisa May AlcottSecondly, remember a month ago when I hinted at a Louisa May Alcott reading challenge? I'm so excited about this! I hope that some of my bookish friends will be joining me this Summer in enjoying some of the lovely Miss Alcott's writings. Don't worry---to join the challenge, the minimum is 1 book! But you're welcome to read as many as you like. Watch out for the details of this reading challenge coming within the next few days.

    Thanks for stopping by! I'd love to hear your thoughts on any of these things I mentioned. Make sure to link up some of your book-related posts before you go!

    Sharing Our Bookshelves @ In the Bookcase