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Favorite Finds #38

Here's a few articles on the web that interested me lately. So, I thought I'd share these with you for today's edition of Favorite Finds.

Gibson Edwardian Shoes Giveaway
{American Duchess}

Win a pair of lovely "Gibson" Edwardian-style shoes!

Billionaire’s plan for Titanic II
{The Spec}

An actual replica of the Titanic is going to be built! Maiden voyage in 2016.

Free audio download of God's Smuggler
{Christian Audio}

Only free until the end of February.

Announcing.... A Writing Contest

Arthur Conan Doyle's house put up for sale
{BBC News}

All I can say about this story is... fascinating!

New blog that looks promising
{Young Christian Writers}


  1. God's Smuggler is one of my FAVORITE books.

  2. Thanks so much for including Young Christian Writers on your favorite finds post!!