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Book Review: Missing in Time

Missing in Time

Missing in Time

written by Catherine Harriott

246 pages
published in 2012
juvenile fiction

Sally Soforth is visiting her Aunt Dottie's house in England and unsuspectingly falls into another time period --- the year of 1912 to be exact. While adjusting, she learns many facts true to that part of history (great work, author!) and Sally also makes a friend or two. In particular, she meets the young footman of Brumpton Manor, Adrian Merryweather. He becomes a true friend and helps her out of many slippery situations as she tries to adapt to a new (or, old!) way of living. Sally desperately wants to get back to modern day times though, no matter how delightful everything was a hundred years ago. Living a servant's life in 1912 is not exactly the cream of the crop.

Oh, the accents that the characters talk with... and the vocabulary they use... it all ties the story together and truly makes you feel as if you are there in Robin Hood's Bay, England. It's definitely a place I'd like to visit! I have only Catherine Harriott to thank for that.

As a hobby, I love watching old movies, especially the black and white films. I felt that I quite connected with Sally, who watches movies every day (in her regular life in modern times), and she is constantly making references to certain movies. It certainly caused some funny moments when Sally might mention something to Adrian which he couldn't possibly understand. And for that matter, vice versa.

Note to Titanic fans: Most of the book does take place in 1912, but only the last 1/3 of the book mentions the Titanic. The subject matter sprinkled additional interest into the story for a maritime history fan like myself.

The author wrote 'Missing in Time' with great skill and polished research. Oh, and... the ending really made me smile.

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