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Ebullient with words.

Do you ever come across little gems of vocabulary in your daily life? Especially the definitions of certain words which elude your knowledge, yet they drawn you in as you wonder what their enigmatic meaning is. Here's a few words that have sparked my interest recently:

Ebullient   [ih-buhl-yuhnt]   adjective
Overflowing with fervor or enthusiasm; boiling over, like a liquid.
"Grandfather is ebullient about his postage stamp collection."
{...see also: ebulliently, nonebullient, unebullient...}

Glib   [glib]   adjective
Smooth; slippery; easily moving; often superficial.
"Mrs. Parsons has a glib tongue."
{...see also: glibber, glibbest, glibly, unglib...}

Quixotic   [kwik-sot-ik]   adjective
Befitting Don Quixote; chivalrous to extravagance; visionary or impractical.
"His quixotic ways often put his family in fatal danger."
{...see also: quixotically, half-quixotic, unquixotic...}

Pother   [poth-er]   noun
Confusion; tumult; also, a suffocating cloud, as of smoke or dust.
"Those little boys brought a lot of pother with them, wherever they went."
{...see also: pother (verb)...}

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  1. Celtic Anne9/18/2013

    Glib. What an interesting word.

    Sounds good to use for a smooth villain.