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Favorite Finds #42

I have some Favorite Finds to share with you this week. It's always nice to find random articles online that are worth reading...

Titanic offices to be re-opened


10 Places to Download AudioBooks for FREE

{Bookly Books}

Grefrairs Bobby statue is retouched

{Tartan Footprint}

A Letter to the Child Me;
How A Princess Can Become A Missionary

{Inspiring Daring}

Antiques collector finds camera once owned
by officer on doomed Titanic



  1. Martha Jones *Allons-y!*10/18/2013

    I'm practically dying over the Titanic news you found! + Wee Bobby.

    So glad you shared these articles!

  2. Johanna10/24/2013

    Oh, wee Bobby! I'm glad to hear that his nose job went well. :)

  3. I'm surprised the Lightollers feel the way they do about the camera as members of the family have been rather open when it comes to information about Lights. It's a great find and I admire the owner for trying to reunite the camera with family rather than trying to obtain an exorbitant amount of money for it in an auction.