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Favorite Finds #45

To start off some summer blog posts, I've collected some various pages around the internet that caught my interest and seemed share-worthy. Enjoy!

Character-Building Book Resources For Raising Boys

{Deep Roots at Home}

Be sure to check part 1 (link above) and part 2.

12 Ways to Sneak in Extra Reading Time


A fun list! Although I probably wouldn't recommend attempting all of these methods. :-)

How Limitations Can Push You as a Writer

{One Year Novel}

Writer, J. Grace Pennington, reigns in relative points on how to use problems in your writing as good things.

Pilot Captures Crazy-Surreal Photo Series

{Huffinton Post}

This collection of photos is an absolutely amazing view of our world, from above.

Poetry Project


A blog series on poetry, revealed alphabetically. A is for Anaphora, B is for Ballad...


  1. Miss Pond5/25/2014

    Thanks for the book resources! + those aerial photos are epic.

  2. Thank you for sharing, Tarissa! Off to take a look at a few of the links you've gathered!