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Favorite Finds #47

Here's a few things I've found on the web in the last week, which I thought were rather interesting. Enjoy!

Giveaway: Handcrafted Chalcedony Starfish Necklace

{Pixel Berry Pie Designs}

On my Etsy blog, I'm offering this beautiful prize from the CarolesArt shop. Open to US residents. Come enter to win before Sept. 21st!

Why I Love to Read Non-Christian Books


Tim Challies shares a fair view on why a person should read both Christian and secular books for a rounded reading style.

Margaret Atwood's new work will remain unseen for a century

{The Guardian}

Although I'm unfamiliar with this author, the idea of a book being 100 years old before it's ever read... now, that's intriguing!

The Moral of the Story is…

{J. Grace Pennington}

A great post on including themes and messages in your stories/writings.

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  1. Lilly Anne9/19/2014

    Great post from Challies. And you're right, the article about the books that won't be read for 100 years... that sounds so intriguing, it'd make a good plot for a movie. Hehehe!