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2015 reading plans are a-stirrin' already...

As the year draws to a close, I've gleefully discovered many 2015 reading challenges popping up on all the book blogs. I already have a few personal reading goals in mind for myself in 2015, and am signing up for challenges that match these goals.

Here's what I'm planning for myself...

(1) Finish a few series that I've been reading "for years".

(2) Dig into my hoard of free ebooks that I've collected.

(3) Catch up on any books I've received for review.

Do you have reading goals for 2015 too?

Now, for the challenges...

I'm putting together a list of the challenges I'm taking on with other bloggers. You might like to join some of these too!

Winter 2014-2015 COYER Sign Ups
This challenge fits me exactly! It lasts until March, and will rouse me to get caught up on some of those free ebooks that are just sitting on my Kindle. (Sounds like there will be fun prizes involved!)

I'll be tackling Mt. Ararat in 2015! Not climbing it though. This lingo just specifies that I'm aiming to read at least 48 books from my TBR piles. (Yes. The plural noun "piles" means exactly what it says.)

In 2014, I had taken on Peggy Ann's Scottish reading challenge, and enjoyed it so much that I'll be joining her again this next year! The goal is to read books written by a Scottish author, or about or set in Scotland. Again, I'm taking on the The Highlander level, aiming for 8 books that fit these categories.

Now for the "fun" challenges! "Where Are You Reading" interests me greatly because of its unique idea: Keep track of everywhere you travel in 2015... via the books you read. Oh, yes! Why have I never done this before?

LASTLY, this list couldn't be complete with a library challenge. I use a variety of resources from my local library, and every month I'm either reading books, ebooks or audiobooks from my library. For this challenge, I'm going to tackle the highest level, 28+ checkouts from my library (aka, Going Pro).

So that's what I'm reading in 2015. Can't wait.


  1. I hope you enjoy all your challenges. I am especially excited to see you doing COYER.:) It's my favorite.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Stomri! I'm already enjoying the COYER challenge so much.

  3. Tarissa, I'm so glad your back for Read Scotland! Coyer is a new challenge for me I'm off to investigate!

  4. My plans for reading this year is not to join too many challenges. During Christmas cleaning I reorganised my books, so now I have a shelf of favourite&tbr books, maybe this will help me with clearing those books.
    I don't have any plans for reading exact books. I'm quite satisfied with how I did this year (so far) and I plan to keep it up. I've read books in several languages (English is not my native), if I'll have a chance, I'll try to expand it.
    I have joined the library challenge. I'm thinking about COYER (I hardly read my ebooks).
    I host two challenges: one for Polish booklovers, one international. The international is Around the World: A to Z 2015, where you select a book from a specified author's country (from A to Z order, in one of their official languages). Feel free to join. :) My blog is at