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NEW Sherlock Holmes story is discovered... (yes, from Doyle himself!)

Have you heard the brilliant news yet?!

A long-forgotten story about Holmes and Watson has resurfaced after 80 years...

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote it himself in 1904 for a fundraiser effort to save a local bridge in Selkirk, Scotland.

NEW Sherlock Holmes story is discovered!

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{ Read the details of the amazing discovery via The Telegraph. }

Furthermore, the short story has already been published online, much to the delight of us Holmesians!

In fact, click over to Open Culture to read the entire story of Doyle's. By the by, the name of this special treasure is called... "Sherlock Holmes: Discovering the Border Burghs and, By Deduction, the Brig Bazaar".


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  1. Armed With Pencils2/26/2015

    AMAZING NEWS! I'll be reading the new story TONIGHT. ;)