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Book Review: The Princess and Curdie

The Princess and Curdie by George MacDonald (4 star review)

The Princess and Curdie

written by George MacDonald

256 pages // published in 1883 // children's fiction // fairy tale

My Review...

4 Star Rating

Son of a miner, Curdie, who we met back in the first story ("The Princess and the Goblin") returns for another fantastic adventure from Scottish writer George MacDonald.

There are many types of symbolism that MacDonald has used to illustrate the walk in a Christian lifestyle. For example, Curdie is given the ability to determine whether a person is truly a man or has beast qualities (good vs. evil). This shows that one's judgement of humankind should never be based on outward assumptions -- but one must always look to the heart to find the true intentions of another person. The main theme of the tale illustrates how to have faith in the midst of your battles, even when blind to what may be happening in the big picture -- still, always keeping the faith (and trusting God's power).

"The Princess and Curdie" is considered a children's fairy tale -- but a rather dark one at that, with some battling and minor violence.

Overall? It contains some hard truths, that for our modern age of readers, it may be hard to digest spiritually. But it is good, definitely good, to hear these things that MacDonald has to tell us.

The Princess and Curdie is available on Amazon as hardcover, paperback, audio and e-book.

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