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The final chapter of the 2016 LMA reading challenge

Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge ... JUNE 2016

Readers and fellow challenge-participants,

The time has come to close down the 2016 Louisa May Alcott reading challenge. We're done!

So, how did you fare in the challenge? Did you read all that you wanted of Miss Alcott for the summer?

Personally, I feel like I got to know Louisa just a smidge more, and yes, I finished all 3 books I challenged myself to. If you want to read my book reviews from this month, be sure to check out Louisa May Alcott: Illuminated by the Message by Susan Bailey, An Old-Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott, and March by Geraldine Brooks (I posted my review of it on Goodreads yesterday -- just under the wire!).

Here's a BIG THANK YOU to EVERYONE who participated in the reading challenge and the art print giveaway! I appreciate you all for making this a fun and spectacular reading month. By the way, if you haven't finished your posts or reviews about the LMA books you got to read this month, that's okay — the link-up widget will still be open a few more days for any last words on the subject that you might have.

And in closing, I'll give you all some words of wisdom, from a literary friend of Louisa's...

"Read the best books first or you may not have a chance to read them at all."
- Henry David Thoreau

See you next June! *SPOILER* Or, perhaps November/December...

How do you feel about a Christmas book challenge, readers?

Signing off from the 2016 LMA challenge,


  1. I definitely learned a lot about LMA through this challenge. It's been a great experience. An interesting coincidence I wanted to share- Back a few months ago when I came across that short story by LMA (Ripple The Water-Spirit) I did a little research about her. That research lead me to Susan's website, LouisaMayAlcottIsMyPassion. So imagine my surprise when I get the invite from you and find that Susan is also taking part in the challenge! Amazing...

  2. I'd LOVE to do a Christmas book challenge!

  3. Tarissa, sorry I didn't get to participate this month... but you know? I'm marking it down on my calendar for this mysterious Christmas book challenge you hinted at. Sounds like fun already!

  4. Lady A.6/30/2016

    I always have a big list of holiday books to read, so as soon as you show me the sign-up form for your Christmas challenge, let me know! I'm sure I'll have some books to read that will count in whatever the challenge may be.

  5. I will post my wrap up tomorrow. The 30th isn't over, yet! (I am still reading, lol)!!

  6. Thank you for hosting again! I finished my reading plans and will get my other reviews up very soon. I look forward to next June, and, permitting that I'm not too busy, a Christmas Challenge sounds lovely. :)

  7. I just posted my wrap-up and I want to thank you for hosting this event. I recently read Little Women for the first time, so the challenge came at the right moment. And I am a YES for Christmas!