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Book Review: Courage and Corruption // BLOG TOUR

Courange and Corruption release!

It's a brand new release in the Tales of Taelis series!

Courage and Corruption by Sarah Holman (5 star review)

Courage and Corruption // Tales of Taelis series, #3

written by Sarah Holman

161 pages // published in 2016 // young adult fiction


Catherine is going with her mother and younger siblings to the mountains to hide from the coming war. While she fears what might happen she is looking forward to some time away from her twin brother, with whom she often fights. One foolish act changes all their plans, and one story caused not only confusion, but more fighting.

Christopher does not believe his father’s story that they are descended from royalty. He is sure the story his father tells cannot be true. However, he is forced to go to the mountain castle of Coraway along with his mother and siblings. Will his father ever see him as a man? Will he and his twin ever be able to stop fighting?

Little do Catherine and Christopher realize that they hold the key to Taelis’ future in their hands. While they discover the truth before it is too late?

My Review...

5 Star Rating

There are so many good points to bring out in this story, it's almost unfair to start listing the first few that come to mind, in case I happen to forget some. Nonetheless...

Courage and Corruption, perhaps even more so than the other Taelis novels and stories, has so many lessons and morals to be found within its pages. God's grace shines through it all and repeatedly touched my heart. I think that almost anyone reading this book could find a lesson (or more than one) in it that they can apply to their own life.

Christopher and Catherine are two siblings who bicker often and share resentment towards each other. They do not see the destiny God already has in motion for their lives, just like we often miss the signs of His hands surrounding us. As the plot thickens and history unfolds around them in unexpected ways, these siblings learn much together.

This tale also includes Brianna and John (favorite characters from a previous Tales of Taelis book). Now in their olden years, the couple is still giving their hearts and minds to the ruling of Taelis. A great battle is to arise, and King John must deal with heavy issues that will determine and alter the fate of Taelis.

There are many stories to be found within this story. The adventure begins by a journey to visit relatives at Coraway Castle. What Christopher and Catherine discover there is beyond their wildest dreams, if they'll only listen and discard their stubborn hearts.

Author bio:
Sarah Holman is a not so typical mid-twenties girl: A homeschool graduate, sister to six awesome siblings, and author of many published books and short stories. If there is anything adventuresome about her life, it is because she serves a God with a destiny bigger than anything she could have imagined.

Author Sarah Holman

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  1. I think I would like this book. My siblings would too. We like medieval settings. The knight on the cover is cool.

  2. Thank you so much for being part of the blog tour!

  3. Oh, this sounds like an interesting book. I've seen the series floating around on the internet, but haven't read any yet. I might have to check it out. :)

  4. @Lydia, it's an excellent Christian series. My favorite thing about these books is that you'll always find a lesson or two that everyone could use. :)

  5. This book sounds interesting.
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  6. This sounds like an interesting book!

    Thanks for linking up on Saturday Situation.