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In the Bookcase


2017 challenges I am joining...

I love in this TBR challenge, and will be participating this year at the El Toro level [Read 75 books from your TBR pile/s].

I've never done this classics challenge before, but I'm always looking for more classics to read!

And for later in the year, some short-term challenges I'm hosting...


  1. I'm thinking I'll join the Mount TBR challenge this year too. I did it a couple years ago and found it good motivation to chop my TBR pile down a bit. I'm not as ambitious as you, though -- only aiming for 12 books.

  2. @Hamlette, I love the Mount TBR challenge, as I always have so many books laying around the house that I really should read. Get something read is always better than nothing!

  3. I have an entire bookcase filled with books I have yet to read. Some of the shelves are double-stacked. It's sad, yet beautiful, I guess :-)

  4. Tarissa, so glad you'll be back for another round! Good luck with your 2017 Mount TBR climb.

    Hamlette: I do hope you'll join us again. Lots of good climbing ahead.

  5. Bev, I'm going to do it! Working on a post to that effect right now. Thanks!