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Book Review: The Destiny of a Few

The Destiny of a Few by Sarah Holman (4 star review)

The Destiny of a Few
The Destiny Trilogy, #2

written by Sarah Holman

227 pages // published in 2011 // young adult Christian sci-fi


On her quest to find the crown prince, Maria Morris faces an abundance of obstacles. Now a marked Christian, it will be difficult and dangerous for her to travel. The USF follows her every move. (as the vibrating chip in her arm irritatingly reminds her.) Yet knowing all of this, Maria puts her trust in God and, with the help of a few new friends, refuses to give up her mission. She must find the crown prince. The Destiny Of A Few depends on it.

My Review

4 Star Rating

A fun sequel to The Destiny of One!

The big thing I like about this book is that the Maria Morris's destiny is growing. It's not just about her being able to complete a mission she's been given, but that she has reliable friends who also take their part in the destiny. Actually, Maria doesn't quite see it like this through some of the plot, but the reader knows. When people start getting hurt because of her actions in trying to complete the mission, her faith in the big plan falters. Her head is swimming in doubt and fright of what else might go wrong...

Let's talk about Winter. I didn't very much like the character of Winter, with whom Maria is traveling with while on Corateda. Winter thinks a bit too much of herself, throws childish fits, and often one gets the feeling that she doesn't care deeply for friends or in a real cause. Maria is unsure if Winter is going to be dedicated to the mission or not. Like I said, I, like Maria, didn't really like Winter... until we reach a very pivotal part of the story! Maria is just about to completely give up on solving the clues she has on finding the lost prince, when Winter grows up a little and actually offers encouragement in the fight. That might have just been my favorite moment.

Although, there also is the epic desert battle opposing the USF, which is another amazing moment. That was a pretty cool scene. Kudos to both Maria and Winter for being brave.

I still like the first book in the trilogy better, but this one is pretty good too. I just thought that Maria found "the thing she was after" (which shall not be named, so as not to spoil) a bit too quickly, or without her having to do much action or "looking". But the overall adventure is intriguing!

The main reason why I like reading this trilogy is because it really focuses on the plan that God has prepared for your life. It makes you think about it. We never know just what to expect, what amazing things that God has waiting for us just up ahead. Your destiny is great, just like Maria's, if you'll follow the path He has set for you.

Christian and homeschool families will love this sci-fi series.

Available on Amazon in paperback and e-book format.

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