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Book Review: If He Lives

If He Lives by Sarah Holman (5 star review)

If He Lives

written by Sarah Holman

40 pages // published in 2016 // Christian YA


In the month leading up to Easter, four friends are challenged with one question: What if we lived like Jesus really did rise from the dead?

A tale of faith, friendship, and the power of the Resurrection.

My Review

5 Star Rating

If you like the idea behind the classic "In His Steps" (which spawned the question "What would Jesus do?"), then you'll appreciate this story in "If He Lives". And if you haven't read "In His Steps", no worries, this new short story will be just as powerful to read, one way or another. I mentioned the other book because both stories present the characters with a rather provoking question about Jesus and rediscovering biblical truths.

"What if we lived like Jesus really did rise from the dead?"

There it is, a simple question that can change things. It is a challenge that can turn whole lives around. What could change in your life if you asked yourself this question several times a day when faced with decisions and find yourself in one of those many small moments where big things could happen? Or rather, what would you allow this question to change about you?

I think some very relevant modern issues are presented and discussed in this book, including small immoral elements we allow ourselves to watch on television, and that things we say behind a digital mask are just as hurtful as if spoken face-to-face... and others. This is a fairly short book, but contains a powerful story to tell, and may give your convictions an internal rise. I know it set me to thinking about my life. I should ask myself that question more often.

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  1. Sarah Walker5/29/2017

    I might keep this is mind for Easter time next year. Great review.