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I've been interviewed about one of my favorite American authors! #LMA

What fun I had being interviewed by Trix from Much Ado About Little Women.

Check out my interview here!

Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge ::: JUNE 2017

What book(s) are you reading for the LMA challenge this June?

* Remember, it can be any book or story penned by the hand of Miss Alcott, or written about her.

Not sure what to read for the challenge? Check out my [List of published titles by Louisa May Alcott] for some literary inspiration this June.


  1. Hi Tarissa!
    It's been sooo long since I've caught-up with blogging - so nice to see you're still doing so and still enjoying reading.
    It was fun reading your Louisa May Alcott interview. :) I guess Little Women will always be a favourite for so many.
    Take care
    ~Jessica Rebekah

    1. Hi Jessica,
      It's so nice to see a familiar name pop up -- one I haven't seen in so long!

      Thanks for checking in (and I'm glad you enjoyed the interview -- me too!).