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Book Review: Three Go Searching

Three Go Searching by Patricia St. John (5 star review)

Three Go Searching

written by Patricia St. John

128 pages // published in 1977 // Christian children's fiction


Everyone knows a person like Waffi -- mischievous, willful, and having a knack for getting others into trouble. David, whose father is a missionary doctor in Africa, is Waffi's friend. Although Waffi occasionally gets David into some difficult situations, David is learning to be a witness for God. When Waffi and David find a sick servant girl and a mysterious boat, an exciting adventure begins for them.

My Review

5 Star Rating

What a delightful vintage little paperback this is. Of course, I should expect a touching story from Patricia St. John, and it has certainly been a few years since I've read one of hers, but I'm sooo glad to have picked this one up. It has EVERYTHING that a good moral story should, and it touched my heart generously.

The spiritual content is largely based on being sons of God, and shining as a light in the darkness (from a memory verse that David learns, Philippians 2:15). This added a lot of depth to the plot, as David, a missionary doctor's son, keeps finding himself in trouble, or being persuaded to do things he shouldn't, yet he tries so hard to please the Almighty

Really, it's a simple story, but has an engaging plot. It imparts a lot of biblical truth on the reader, even a young reader can see it. David is trying to be a good son of God, Waffi is kicking against the pricks, and Lela just wants to find out who God is. All three are in a different place in their spiritual journey. But the orchestration of Lord's hand is clear; these children will be loved by Him as He guides them in the right direction.

Excellent quality vintage fiction. It can touch hearts young and old.

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  1. I looooove Patricia St. John's books!!!

  2. Me too! Although I haven't read this one for many years. I've enjoyed a couple of the books she wrote for older children also, especially, Nothing Else Matters. Unfortunately, her books that have been republished in recent years have all been abridged - I don't know why. I thought they were great the way they were.

  3. I love Patricia St. John's way with a story, and this is one I've never seen. Thanks!

  4. sounds cute