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Back to the Classics 2017: My Final 12

Well... I love classic literature. I try to dig a little deeper, branch out just a smidge more each year, dipping my toes in those beautiful masterpieces of amazing words.

In 2017 I finally banded up with like-minded peoples, and joined the Back to the Classics challenge, where I had to read 12 classics that fit into the appointed 12 categories. What excitement that was for me!

This is a look back at the 12 books I chose to read for the challenge.
So that's 3 entries into the yearly giveaway. Yay!
All titles are linked back to my reviews. Please, feel welcome to comment on any of them. I love chatting about old books.

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And here's the list!

19th Century Classic: Journey to the Center of the Earth

20th Century Classic: The Thin Man

Classic by a Woman Author: To Live Again

Classic in Translation: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Pre-1800 Classic: Beauty and the Beast

Romance Classic: My Cousin Rachel

Gothic or Horror Classic: Frankenstein

Classic With a Number in the Title: Three Men On The Bummel

Classic About an Animal: National Velvet

Classic Set In a Place You'd Like to Visit: The Return of Sherlock Holmes

Award-Winning Classic: Invincible Louisa

Russian Classic: The Double


  1. After seeing your review of Invincible Louisa earlier in the year, I have it down for the Classics challenge as well as your Alcott challenge next year.

    1. Thanks, Barbara! I'm already planing my Alcott reads for June too.