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Book Review: Blood in the Water

Blood in the Water by C. Alexander London (5 star review)

Blood in the Water
Tides of War #1

written by C. Alexander London

224 pages // published in 2014 // MG/YA fiction


Based on a real military program! The US Navy's new breed of soldier is ready to make a big splash.

From the author of Dog Tags!

Navy SEALs are some of the most elite warriors in the world. Trained to operate in sea, land, and air, they work under cover of night to carry out the US military's most sensitive and difficult missions.

Cory McNab wanted to be a Navy SEAL, but he washed out of the program. Now he is a member of the Navy's Marine Mammals Program, where he is partnered with a search-and-recovery dolphin named Kaj.

Together, Cory and Kaj are the Navy's best hope when a US spy submarine is lost in enemy waters. With the help of Kaj's bio-sonar, they should be able to locate the submarine before its secrets fall into the wrong hands. But the mission gets complicated when a team of Navy SEALs runs into trouble. Can Cory succeed where his heroes have failed . . . or is he in too deep?

My Review

5 Star Rating

What a cool story about dolphins being trained by the US Navy. Dolphins can perform underwater missions that humans (and technology) cannot.

I learned some amazing things about dolphins, such as how intelligent they are, and that dolphins can perform some fantastic maneuvers that can aid in military maneuvers. Wow! I liked how one phrase in the book says it this way: “The dolphins were like the police dogs of the ocean.” Plus, did you know that dolphins love to have their tongue scratched? And that humans comply to this strange (and dangerous) request to put their hand in the dolphin's mouth? Woah!

Another reason why I'm a little more than impressed with this book is that it's released from Scholastic, but this isn't your average middle-grade book. The main character Cory McNab is an adult, not a kid. Yet the action-packed thrilling adventure is perfect for say, tweens up to adults to enjoy.

It's a book that has some beautiful moments showing humans connecting with animals. Plus it has all the action of a Navy SEAL high-seas adventure.

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  1. Wow! I had no idea they used dolphins either but it makes sense since they are very intelligent. What a great series for middle grade readers! I'll share it with the teachers I know!

    1. The book has some really cool dolphin facts, and you learn about the Navy SEALs as well. I think there may be 3 books in the series --- woohoo!

  2. That's so cool! I think I've heard that the SEALS used dolphins, xD, bit I didn't know there was a book about it. Sounds interesting, thanks for the review! :)

  3. Hey there! I'm visiting through the Bloggers’ Commenting Junction :)

    This book sounds so fun! I love the idea as dolphins as police dogs!