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Mount TBR Checkpoint, 2018 Vol. 1

At the end of March, I'd finished 29 books for the Mount TBR challenge. (Since I'm trying for 100 this year, I'm 4 books ahead of schedule. #awesome)

Here's some highlights so far from all that reading...


This is just such a pretty cover, with a Victorian flair. I love Lady Almina's side-portrait, and the intriguing and detailed castle-scape. Beautifully done, in my opinion. Even that blue color behind the title is the perfect shade.


Anne Shirley. Yes, this was my second time reading 'Anne' -- and I rarely do that. But I read this novel oh-so-long ago in the almost-forgotten days of my childhood (#wink), and I knew I'd forgotten so much of the story since then. I picked up on so many nuances of Anne's character and imagination, that I certainly didn't notice as my younger self. She's certainly spirited!


  1. I watched the Netflix version of Anne and I was crushed. The point of Anne being positive and pretty much the sunshine of Green Gables was lost. It is such a melancholic take on this happy novel.

    Gayathri @ Elgee Writes

  2. Great achievement! I did not dare go for 100 books, but I hope I will end up somewhere up there! I agree, just love the cover of the real Downtown Abbey.
    On, on to the next peak!

  3. That is a lovely cover of the Downton Abbey book; I read my copy and liked learning the background of the owners of that stately home.

    1. Terra,
      Thanks for commenting! I enjoyed that book too -- it had so much history in it. And... I'm going to grab the sequel from my library sometime soon!