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Closing out A Literary Christmas 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR, dear readers!

Now that 2018 has ended, A Literary Christmas 2018 reading challenge ends too.

I was able to read a few good holiday books myself! I hope you all did too. I certainly enjoyed seeing all your Christmas selections, and have added some new titles to my Christmas reading list for next year -- probably too many new titles, as I'll never get them all read. *wink*

Be sure to comb through the link-up below, and see if there's any books you need to add to your reading list for next year (or add to your Goodreads shelf). The link-up will still be open in January, in case anybody still has some holiday book posts/reviews to share.

(Hey, I'll hope you'll all be back for 2019's Christmas challenge!) We'll be starting pu again in mid-November.

Link to your book posts & reviews!


  1. Thanks for hosting this! I enjoyed it!

  2. Anonymous1/06/2019

    It was a fun challenge. Would love to do it with you again!