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Bookish Resolutions [May 2019 Check-in]

The Goal:

1. Read at least 125 books, from all formats.
--- Goodreads shows me that I'm 34% done with this goal, at 42 books. I'm on track for finishing them all by year's end.

2. Review, review, review! -- Make sure to review every book I read this year.
--- So far, so good.

3. In with the old! -- Read at least 25 books that are published before the year 2000.
--- Woohoo! 15 done! This goal is more than halfway finished (randomly, fairly accidentally too).

4. Listen while I "work"! -- Listen to at least 35 audio books.
--- I'm up to 10 so far. This number could have been better, but... I still have plenty of time.

5. Increase my NetGalley feedback ratio -- Finish at least 10 NetGalley books.
--- 3 finished. Still doable.

6. Read more titles from indie authors this year -- at least 12
--- Um, I count only 1 so far. This number is looking a mite depressing at the mo'.

7. Tackle something big! -- Read 2 books that have 500+ pages each. (Yes, I must try.)
--- Alright! Here's one to feel successful on, because this goal is 50% done. I read The Fellowship of the Rings for this.

8. Complete at least 8 year-long reading challenges (to doubly make sure I finish them off!).
--- Yes, well obviously, there's nothing to talk about here yet...

9. Finish what I start! -- Finish off at least 4 different book series.
--- Haven't finished any series yet, but am working on this in May.

10. All formats of books combined, conquer reading 25,000 pages (according to Goodreads stats).
--- 9,201 and counting!

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  1. I like this check-in idea, I think I need to do that, maybe in June, at half-way.