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Favorite Finds

These are some neat website/blog posts that I came across this past week & wanted to share these links on my blog. Hope you enjoy!

  • The Invisible Hope Chest - Wonderful blog post from Breezy

  • 8 reasons to use longhand writing in your first draft. - Really great writing tips!

  • Read the Printed Word - Grab their button if you pledge to always read the printed word (i.e. newspapers, books, etc) I have their button in my sidebar!


    1. I love your blog design and I am so glad that you found my blog so that I could find your new blog. lol, that sounds really weird, but it's fairly true! It's amazing that you can just randomly come upon a blog and realize it is some one whose blog you used to read. :)


    2. Tarissa - I've given you a couple of awards on my blog. Just see my latest post for details, okay?

      Also, I should have sent you an e-mail asking for your address (so that I can send you your prize). Just to let you know so that you can check:)