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Louisa May Alcott .:. e-book downloads

I came across this wonderful website that is hosting a "World eBook Fair". Until August 4th, you can access and download millions of FREE e-books.... I became quite excited about this once I discovered all the treasures that are available! A lot of these e-books are ones that I cannot get from the library, or even buy them otherwise. So I'm going through my favorite authors, one at a time, to collect any writings of theirs that I would like to have. I started with Louisa May Alcott. I downloaded anything that I thought I might be interested in... I found several that I've never heard about before and can't wait to actually read them.

You can read these files either on your computer screen, or on another e-book device (Kindle, Nook, other readers, etc) Below are the ones that I downloaded myself, and I am linking to them so that if any of my blog readers are interested, you can quickly access these particular titles by clicking on any of these links. There are actually even more of Alcott's writings on this website, so if you want more you might type her name in their search box. To save the files on your computer, then once you open one of these links, just click on the 2nd icon in the top left corner of the screen.

.:. Louisa May Alcott .:. e-book downloads .:.
Recollections of My Childhood

The Blind Lark

Nelly's Hospital

Scarlet Stockings

The Skipping Shoes

Perilous Play

Marjorie's Three Gifts

A Strange Island

Little Women

Pauline's Passion & Punishment

Hospital Sketches

Flower Fables

Aunt Jo's Scrap-Bag

The Candy Country

Comic Tragedies

A Garland for Girls

Kitty's Class Day And Other Stories

Work: A Story of Experience

The Mysterious Key And What It Opened

Under the Lilacs

Jack and Jill

You should definitely check out this website World eBook Fair and see if you can find other authors & books that you're interested in. I hope to do another blog entry soon about more books that I'll be downloading.

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  1. Oooh, awesomeness!!!!!! Thank you so much for telling me about the site!!!!! :-D :-D