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Book Review: Quake! Disaster in San Francisco

Quake! Disaster in San Francisco

Quake! Disaster in San Francisco

written by Gail Langer Karwoski

153 pages

(recommended for ages 10 & up)



I can't really remember ever studying about the San Francisco earthquake before. Reading this fictional account brought me great insight of what this historical event of 1906 was all about. Not only did the earthquake bring great harm to the city, but it was also the fires that did horrible damage.

This book "Quake" is a fictional story, but even I learned a lot from reading it. Jacob Kaufman is the main character, and he is a Jewish boy. The earthquake separates him from his family and tears up life as he knew it. He meets a Chinese boy who is also separated from his family. These young boys run into many people who don't like Jacob's new friend San Wei Chang, and I think this book is good at showing what the prejudice against the Chinese must have like at that time. Wherever Jacob & San go, they also have a special furry friend that stays with them through thick and thin. Through all the chapters, the author did a wonderful job at painting out everything for you to see. The scenes of hundreds and thousands of newly homeless people seemed so thoroughly described.

Together these boys are in for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. They are surrounded by a devastated San Francisco, and they might never see their families again.

This is a grand story of a boy, his friend, and a dog... it's about separated families, missing homes, and broken lives.

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  1. Tarissa,
    That book sounds really interesting. I love historical fiction, and I'm always looking out for new ones to read! Also, Thanks for your comment on my blog! I had no idea that Sarah and Plain and Tall (the book) had that many sequels; I knew about Skylark and the next one, but not the others. I hope I'll get to read them!


  2. Hello Tarissa,

    This looks like a good book! I'm always in search of new books...I read everything on our shelves long ago! And we have hundreds of books. :) THANK YOU for your comment! I enjoyed dressing up. :)


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  4. A long time ago I read a book from the "Magic Tree House" series about the San Francisco earthquake, but other than that haven't I really studied it...I should definitely look into this book!

    You did a great job with this review! Thanks for joining MBR this month:)


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  7. i have never read it, but it does sound good. i'll have to get it at the library. :)