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Favorite Finds #4

It's Friday! I have some links to this week's Favorite Finds. It has actually been several weeks since I last posted one of these.

All of the following articles are written by girls, and I have found these particular blog posts interesting or inspiring. Hope you enjoy them them too!

"Rands and Cents" (Rachel @ Under African Skies)

"There’s Something about the Color Purple" (Breezy @ A Bowl of Moss & Pebbles)

"Still Wet with Dew" (Jessica @ Seven Sisters)

"Inspiration..." (Tessa @ Christ is Write)

"Finding Time, Creating Space [for Writing]" (Tessa @ Christ is Write)

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  1. I haven't been on the net much lately so now that I'm back, I have lots of blog posts to catch up on! I've enjoyed reading through your latest posts.

    oh, and thank you for linking to our blog here! :)

    God bless,