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Book Review: Gentle Ben

Gentle Ben

Gentle Ben

written by Walt Morey

192 pages




"Gentle Ben" is a story about a boy and his longing to tame a wild bear that he can’t have.

Mark is a young boy who lives in Alaskan Territory (before it became a state). The thing that he desires most is to be friends with Ben, an Alaskan brown bear, who has been chained up in Fog Benson’s shed for 5 dreadful years. Mark’s parents do not approve of befriending this wild, giant mammal, for fear of their son’s safety. They've already lost a child before, and don't want it to happen again.

When the whole town turns angrily upon Mark & Ben, what is to be done then? The town can’t just kill an innocent bear!

There’s a lot more going on in the storyline too, like the Alaskan Salmon Run, and riding fishing boats down the river, and exploring the fine northern scenery...and so much more.

Easy reading, but an intense plot created by the author's terrific writing style. I’d recommend it for anyone, ages 10 & up. (and yes, that even includes adults!)