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A couple special things to mention

Hi Readers, I have a couple of lovely things to tell you about today!

The first thing to tell you about is the Fall Festival that Hannah Grace is hosting! She's posting special {exciting} things from October 27th to November 6th. Today was the first day, and she started it out with a book giveaway {Jane Austen fans especially will be interested}. I do encourange to click over to her blog during the next few days to see what she'll be posting!

Next on my list to tell my readers about... there's a new blog called "The Ladies Library". (Isn't that just a delightful name?) It's a blog composed soley of reviews about books! It is run by Grace. She and a few other girls are posting reviews together on this blog... I'm happy to say that I'll be posting occasionally on The Ladies Library too! In fact, I already did my first review on there, and if you want to check mine out, click here. There are already several posts to look at, and I've been enjoying reading the other girls' reviews myself. It's always great to find out about new books! Also, if anyone is interested in participating in writing reviews for this blog, you can contact Grace for more details.


  1. Thank you for posting about my giveaway and fall festival, Tarissa! :-) I really appreciate it.

    ~Hannah Grace

  2. Your Welcome Tarissa!

    ~Hannah Rebekah