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MyWriMo .:. Day 17

MyWriMo @ In the Bookcase

We're now into the 3rd week of November. How is that even possible that the time has flown by so quickly? But it's true... 2 weeks have already vanished. About 2 more weeks left.

How is everyone doing with your writing goals, whether it be a novel or other writings... Do you consider yourself to be at the half-way point? Seeing as we are at the half-way point of the month.

To give my own quick update, I've now completed short story #2. It really didn't even take much to finish up. It didn't even need a thousand words added on... the point where I had left off months ago was so close to the end.

So, there's my 2nd completed writing project for November. Now it's time to tackle story #3... I think it's going to take awhile!

“Be yourself.
Above all, let who you are,
what you are,
what you believe,
shine through every sentence you write,
every piece you finish.”

-by John Jakes


  1. I'm quite a bit behind in the daily WC for 50k, but I'm gaining it back, little by little! I'm so glad that you are happy with your goals!

  2. Wow, the funny thing is, I just wrote down that quote last night in my journal! It's very weird to see it pop up again! ;)

  3. I have a sad confession. :( I haven't had time to write what I want to write at all. November has turned out to be an awful month of school due dates; I have written quite a bit. A research paper, another paper, a speech... but not my "for fun" stuff. Guess it is good I didn't decide to do a 50K word novel.