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MyWriMo .:. Day 24

MyWriMo @ In the Bookcase

Another post about writing! Surprise?

I'm quite pleased with all the writing I've been able to do in November so far. It is so exciting to see each story finished, and then start on the next one. As you already know (if you've been reading along) I've been able to take 2 of my old stories (that had been started months ago) and I finished writing them finally. They were just a couple of short ones. Now I'm trying to accomplish my 3rd story. I think I started it a little over a year ago... at that time, I worked on it enough to write about 8,000 words, but then I left off with the story. It's been sitting in my computer all this time, waiting to be typed on some more. It's actually an Easter story, so it may seem like a weird time of the year to be working on it now... but...I'm really in the writing mood for it. There's still quite a bit more work to do with the story, but I'm hoping I'll be able to squeeze it all in before November ends!

So, my question for you today is... anyone who is writing this month, with the last week upon us, Do you think you're going to reach your goal by November 30th? I'd love to hear what you have to say!

Now for some very true words...

“The difficulty of literature is not to write,
but to write what you mean.”
~ Robert Louis Stevenson


  1. Yup, pretty sure I'm going to make it. I've only got 4,800 more words to write before I reach my word count goal!

    Good luck to everyone else as we reach the last leg of this writing challenge!


  2. Yes, I finally started writing! As I have been sitting here and contemplated, I have finally decided on a key plot point. So, I guess it doesn't matter that I haven't written much this past month; just figuring out that detail has given me more inspiration!

  3. Good job! I have a good idea for a book, definitely won't do NaNoWriMo, but I probably won't be able to start your WriMo, considering it is almost December, but if you're doing it again in December or some other month I'd love to join you!